The best 5

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There is a wide variety of cuisines in this world. Trust me, it is really hard to pick the top five. But, I am doing this for my readers and all the food lovers out there. The best is not chosen by the best sounding name or the most popular one. It is instead, picked because of it’s taste, preparation, health aspects, diversity and looks. So here are the best five for my readers and plenty of reasons for these, being the best.

  1. Italian cuisine– One of the golden ancient cuisines. An Italian cuisine is a delicious blend of health friendly ingredients: Potato, Tomato, corn, olive oil, garlic, whole grains and pepper. These natural ingredients make the food worth eating without any worries. One of the best part of this cuisine is that it is divided into sections of meal. This adds fun to the dinner. So starting with the antipasto (appetizer), moving on to primo (pasta or rice dish), followed by secondo (meat course) and ending with dolce (desert). Italy is also famous for it’s delicious variety of cheese. The word Cheese is enough to make you crave for an Italian recipe. No matter which dish you decide to eat, will be best complimented with Red wine.
  2. Indian Cuisine– There are four main categories of Indian food: North Indian, South Indian, East and West. The spark of Indian food, comes from Indian spices used in it. Agreed, that the Indian food is a little more spicy as compared to most of the other cuisines, but that is secret behind the mouth watering recipes. Including a wide variety of Vegetarian recipes, Indian food also offer goat, chicken, fish and lamb dishes.
  3. Mexican Cuisine– A blend of indigenous (Indian) and Spanish influences, Mexican food is among one of the favorites in many. Corn has been the basis of the Mexican diet for thousand of years. Most of the recipes are prepared using fruits and vegetables.Tomatoes, green tomatoes, squash, sweet potato, avocado, mango, pineapple, and papaya are the common ingredients prepared using wide variety of chilies such as: jalapeno, poblano, chipotle and serrano. Chilies and herbs give Mexican recipes a unique flavor. Beef, chicken, pork and sea food are most common dishes offered in Mexican menu.
  4. Chinese Cuisine– Chinese food is the most common food consumed by every third person in any region. Talking about the variety of cuisines, we have eight culinary cuisines in Chinese food. Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Szechuan, Zhejiang, and Shandong cuisines are the eight authentic cuisines of China. The authenticity of Chinese food is incomplete without rice, noodles, vegetables, seasonings and sauces. Wide variety of sauces give Chinese recipes a distinguished flavor.
  5. Lebanese Cuisine– Considered a healthier cuisine, it justifies taste as well. This cuisine generated from the Middle East and generally includes Mediterranean food. Considered healthy it is high on vegetables, low on meat, appropriately used spices and tasteful. Arabic breads, hummus, pickles, dips and many other recipes make it an evergreen food to eat at all times. Not to forget, Arabic sweets are quite different and famous for their delicious taste.

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