Authentic food for you

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Authenticity of food can be directly related to the preparation of the food in it’s origin country. Every food item has it’s original way of preparation. Many modifications could be done to the recipe, but, I believe, that is where the food loses it’s authenticity as well. So, here are the best authentic dishes, picked from the best five cuisines.

  1. Authentic Italian– Cuisine has wide variety of recipes, but the best it’s known for is: Ciabatta, Italian bread-salad and Fresh Sardines. There are different ways to prepare these dishes. Ciabatta bread is a perfect marriage of a crisp, light crust outside, chewy and tender inside. Italian -bread salad also known as Panzanella is known to be authentic when it about a mix of day-old bread and veggies of your choice. Fresh Sardines, another easy dish to make will remind of its authentic taste when their flesh is firm, flakes away the body easily and grilled on an appropriate temperature.
  2. Authentic Indian– Indian food is all about spices. If you can avoid worrying for oily food for a day then this cuisine offers a wide variety of authentic dishes. Some of the common ones are: Paneer Makhani, Mutton roganjosh and Dosa. Paneer Makhani is best at it’s authenticity when the properly grilled cheese cubes, dipped in the curry prepared with tomato, onion, garlic, ginger and many other spices, melt in your mouth.This could be served with white steamed rice or tortilla. Mutton roganjosh tastes best if the oil is on the platter of the curry, tender mutton peices dipped in the curry with the aroma of fennel seeds, garam masala, bay leaves,turmeric  and is indeed a celebration of all senses. Dosa, a south Indian dish is a best serve with sambhar and coconut ranch.
  3. Authentic MexicanGorditas, Stuffed Poblano and Grilled steak tacos are the best picked authentic dishes from this cuisine. Gorditas, these savory corn cakes are crisp on outside and soft within are served with toppings of choice. Stuffed Poblano, best dish for stuffing made essentially with beans, tomatoes, onions and cheese. Poblano makes is more spicier than its cousins. Grilled Steak tacos, according to the chefs are best prepared when chorizo, the cheese, and even the chiles in the salsa for these tacos are grilled appropriately. Thin layer of steak makes it tender and delicious.
  4. Authentic Chinese– This cuisine is a tough one to limit to three choices but we have three most popular and traditional dishes of China. Chow Mein, Sweet and sour pork and Fried rice are the best known to every one. The only secret that makes it authentic are the sauces used while preparing these dishes. So make sure, the sauce taste right to you.
  5. Authentic Lebanese– Lebanese food is the best when one to choose if you are avoiding oily food. Fattoush, Tabbouleh and lamb shawarma are few key recipes and define traditional Lebanese food. Fattoush is a blend of veggies, crispy fried pita chips, lime and wine vinegar. Tabbouleh is another form of salad essentially made with lime juice and olive oil. Lamb shawarma are marinated strips of lamb made with specific chosen herbs.

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