Money you will pay

We are pretty shallow when it comes to food. Many people believe the taste of the food depends on the price they pay for it. In other terms, “Higher the price, tastier the food.” Unfortunately, for those who believe in this stereotype, are missing the authentic flavor of the original food. Some high end restaurants may serve tempting food, but not so expensive restaurants are more likely to serve you the best food. In a study, author Brian Wansink said, “We were fascinated to find that pricing has little impact on how much one eats, but a huge impact on how you interpret the experience,”. It is intuitive that we as human beings tend to relate cost with quality. This comparison is well supported for many products, but for food it fails big time.

Based in Dallas I would like to point out 5 restaurants for my readers which qualify for non-expensive, best rated, delicious and authentic food. List of the restaurants is as follows:

  • Al Markaz– This Indian/Pakistani restaurant based in Carrollton, Texas is one of the most crowded restaurant, not because of it’s ambiance or higher prices, but it’s authentic food that attract people. The restaurant is a high rated restaurant on Yelp as well as other websites.


  • Afrah– This Mediterranean/Lebanese restaurant in Richardson, Texas is one of the best rated restaurant for it’s traditional Lebanese food dishes and pastries. This is another one which does you require you to pay a higher price for authentic food.


  • Lalo’s– This Fine Mexican cuisine restaurant located in Dallas, Texas offers you a wide variety of delicacies from Mexico. This inexpensive $$ restaurant is a big attraction for Mexican food lovers.


  • Roman Cucina– An authentic Italian restaurant that will make you feel home with it’s traditional preparation of food and originality in taste. As said before don’t forget to compliment this extra ordinary food with Red wine.


  • Royal China– A customer reviewed,“The orange chicken to the lo mein everything was cooked right and really savory.” A review like this would  get you going to this Chinese restaurant located in Dallas, Texas, if you are really looking for the right taste too.


These are only few selections from one city. There are many more around this world. In order to pick the right place to eat: A good search, customer reviews, Quality of the food and rating matters more than the price. Thus, if the judgement is done on the right basis then you would pay the justified amount of money for your authentic food.

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