Chef’s note

Many people love to cook. Some are passionate about cooking and try to make different cuisines at their home. Some people are passionate about cooking and they make it their livelihood. People who make their way in the kitchen as a profession, those professionals are called chefs. Chef, is a person who has the key to almost all the food dishes. They make every recipe look as beautiful as they can, they make it taste as good as never before and they add their love in every recipe to make it as special as a gem. Head chef of Al Markaz, Mr Maredia said, “We love to cook because people love to eat.” Being in this profession for more than 36 yearsnow, Mr Maredia will dedicate rest of his life to this profession. He says, “I love to feed people and I feel satisfied when my word is paid off with the appreciation people generously give, or may be they really like the food (smiles).”

edited maredia

According to our chef, authenticity has no definition. He says,

“Some people find something authentic while other people don’t.” “It actually depends on an individual’s familiarity with his roots and origin.

Secret recipe from our chef to my readers or I can say “Food lovers” is right out.

Mr. Maredia’s recipe for Mutton Roganjosh (an authentic Indian/Pakistani dish)

“Wash the meat and dry it properly. Sprinkle lemon juice on it and some salt. Keep it for an hour. Add the 2 tablespoon yogurt and 1 tablespoon mustard oil to the meat. You should marinate it overnight to get best results (That is my secret).”

Heat the oil. Traditionally mustard oil, but if you are not used to it then just use any cooking oil.Add the hing/asafoetida to the hot oil. Add the cinnamon, tejpatta/Indian Bay Leaf and the fresh grind of black peppercorn  and saute until aromatic, only a few seconds. Toss them until they start to brown (approximately 10-20 minutes).Now add the powdered clove, rest of the cardamom,  and the rest of the fennel powder and toss well.

Wait for a minute and then add yogurt and keep stirring it. Add 1.5 – 2 cups of water, stir it well and cover the pan. Cook until the meat is cooked through and is tender and the oil has separated on the sides. This might take even 2 hours depending on the kind of meat you are using.

Uncover, stir in the Garam Masala. Add and adjust salt. Gently stir everything in and cover it back again until ready to serve.

“This is mt favorite, slowly cooked overnight and the meat just falls off the bone”.

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